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Outcast – Episode 19

Well, after FAR too long, at long last here is episode 19 of ‘Outcast.’

As always, thanks to all of you who’ve held out and held on for me to get this done. To be honest, were it not for your feedback and encouragement, I would probably never have gotten off my butt and in front of that microphone.

A scare at the docks gives Dalan some inspiration to finally sit down and try to figure out just exactly why he was exiled, and uncovers what he believes to be the truth.

The question is, now that he knows…what can he do?

Episode 19

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Outcast – Episode 18

After a few starts and stops, and a few more ups and downs, Episode 18 of ‘Outcast’ is finally up and live.

However, you’ll probably notice that only the Mevio/Feedburner feed has been updated…not the one. There is a reason for this, and it’s because of me, not Evo.

There’s a certain level of expectation at PB from both those running it and those who subscribe to books on it. That expectation, because of numerous personal problems, is one I have not been nor will be able to meet. While my scheduled completion date of the book is still feasible, the completion of the recorded segments in an orderly fashion is not.

Therefore, I have decided to not ask Evo to lift the restriction on ‘Outcast’ at until such time as I have all the remaining audio recorded and ready to upload.

My apologies to any listeners who might feel left out. However, if you’d like there’s still the feedburner/Mevio podcast feed, which you can find at

And, now that that’s out of the way, here’s episode 18:

Now absolved of his guilt over his recent rage attack, Dalan settles back into his life, only now with the knowledge that his best friend, Tomas, is spreading the word to his trusted friends about the tiger’s status as an exile.

Episode 18

So, thanks to a slight technical problem, the infamous NARC line is no more. I let the K7 line slip for more than 30 days, so I had to re-register with K7 with a new number, since they don’t let you choose the number you want.

As a result, my new voice mail line is 206-339-1069…not as dramatic as the NARC line, but oh well. Guess now I have to make a new outro for future episodes…

FINALLY! Hm…I seem to be saying that a lot, don’t I?

Well, anyway, after far too long, here we are again with episode 17 of ‘Outcast.’

Still reeling from the alley attack, Dalan is plagued with the vision of nearly ending Daro’s life. As he tries to reconcile his guilt, Te’Ki fears his condition is a result of her story, and accuses him of lying to her that everything was all right.

In the rage that follows, Dalan realizes something is happening to him…something he was not warned about. This event only compounds his overall feeling of helplessness, and he heads off to his training session to get some answers…

No matter the cost…

Episode 17

Ok, now that you’ve had a chance to listen to the episode (or at least download it), I wanted to relate a story to all of you about something that happened to me recently. Don’t worry; it’s a good thing, trust me. 🙂

As some of you may know, I’m a bit of a SecondLife junkie. That being said I’m not like some of those WoWzers out there, determined to spend every millisecond of my free time in some other world, but I do have a few places I like to hang out and chat with friends at least once per week.

Anyway, one of the places I hang out at is a virtual nightclub, and I’ve gotten to know the DJ there fairly well. (Well, as much as you can get to know someone in a place like SL, anyway). He does a few hours at the club every Wednesday, and it’s not just him spinning tunes. There’s fake commercials, gags, flashback news segments…the guy really gets into his work and I think it makes him one of the best SL DJ’s around.

A while back he put out the call for some sound bites, and after getting myself settled in my new place I decided to send a couple his way. One was an intro for his flashback news segment, and the other was one of those ‘This is a test,’ EBS warning things. Needless to say he was overjoyed that someone actually wanted to help him.

So I was at the club a few weeks ago just hanging out, and the DJ decided to play the EBS warning message. I think I’ve said it before how much I can’t stand to listen to my own voice, so I was having a less than fun time while this thing was droning on and on…and on.

All of a sudden, in the chat window, I see the following line:
Hey…that’s the dude who does Outcast!

Ok, so by this time I’m a little more flattered. I mean the DJ and the club owners are fellow Outcasts, but to see this kind of line from another club regular was nothing short of a pleasant surprise. So, after a few moments I typed the following:
*sighs* Yep…guilty as charged.

A few more miscellaneous lines of text went by, then this showed up:
Dude…that’s YOU?

The DJ told me later he had a hard time not saying anything as the patron slowly made the connection.

It was kinda cool to see something like that happen in a place where I least expected it. I guess it goes to show that anywhere you show your face, virtual or otherwise, if you’re in the podcasting game, you might be recognized.

Outcast – Episode 16.5


After so long away, it feels good to be back, though being in front of the microphone for my OWN show feels a bit like using a muscle I haven’t used in a long time.

In here we have some more user feedback, a status update on me and the personal trials I’ve had to deal with over the past few months, as well as a couple of voice mails.

AND…we have a bonus musical track at the end for your enjoyment, as well as a plea from me to you to help a fellow podcaster realize his dream.

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7th Son

Episode 16.5

Outcast – Episodes 15 and 16

Hello again, Outcasts and casual readers.

As you can easily tell from the previous post, things have been somewhat less than harmonious in my life as of late, which is why this entry is a bit of a double post. I’d completely neglected to talk about Episode 15 in this blog, and now that Episode 16 has been posted to both feeds, I figured I’d better get this place a little consistent.

So, here we go, the double post for Outcast, Episodes 15 and 16

In Episode 15:
Cornered in an alleyway by a group of unknown assailants, Dalan and Te’Ki are forced to see each other in new lights. For Dalan, he will see a part of Te’Ki’s shadowy past, while for her…she will catch a glimpse of what Dalan is destined to become…

And it terrifies her…

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Episode 15

In Episode 16:
Having escaped the alleyway, Dalan and Te’Ki return home. Unable to keep it a secret any longer, Te’Ki finally tells her real story about how she came to Shonto…and what part Daro played in her life…

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Episode 16

Outcast – Episode 14.5

And hello again, all you crazy, ravenous…er…Outcasts 😛

So, after sitting way too long in a word processor file, I present to you the second ‘Outcast’ feedback show. In this episode we have a few emails, a few voicemails, and some news on what’s been happening with me over the past little while.

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Episode 14.5

Outcast – Episode 13


Hello once again, Outcasts. I know y’all missed me, and I missed all of you too.

At long last, here’s episode 13. This will be the last episode for 2008, and my New Year’s resolution is to be a bit more frequent with updates in 2009. Yeah, I know; I say that every time. 😛


Dalan returns home from his first retreat up in the mountains with his Sensei. Though somewhat emboldened by the revelation that he is indeed a special student, he dreads opening that door and seeing that he is once again alone.

The question is…is he?

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Additional music for this episode:

‘Consummation Opus’ by Amaran’s Plight

‘Alone’ by Brian Turner

Both these artists are available on the Podsafe Music Network at

Episode 13

Hey all.

Yes, I’m back again, and this time I’ve got a nice little treat for you.  Courtesy of loyal Outcast and fellow author, Marcus Noble, I’m pleased to present to you the first EVER Outcast Fan Fiction story…RockStar.

It’s a glimpse of the world of Bengalis as seen through the eyes of a traveling musician, who lives a rather interesting lifestyle, and what happens when a one-night stand with a groupie changes his life forever.

WARNING!  This story does contain some graphic violence and sexual situations, so listener discretion is strongly advised.

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Outcast – Episode 12

Hey Outcasts.

So, here we are, back again with another episode.  Again, many thanks for sticking by the story, subscribing, and spreading the word.  I really appreciate it.


It is the time of Dalan’s first retreat with his Sensei.  To date,
he still hasn’t told Te’Ki about his training for fear of scaring her
away.  Now, though, as the impending retreat looms, he finds himself
unable to avoid telling her any longer.

The question is, will she still be there when he returns…

Episode 12