My podcasting voice has been silent for quite some time owing to different things in my life, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still in the mix of it all. I keep up to date with some of my favourite podcasters and how they’re careers in this wonderful web 2.0 world are going.

One of those podcasters is a gentleman by the name of J.C. Hutchins. (, someone whose rise to fame in both the podcasting and print world has been nothing short of meteoric. With a trilogy of podcast novels under his belt and a metric butt-load of PR leg work, JC’s put a lot of us other podcasters to shame WRT getting out there and promoting yourself.

But now he really…REALLY needs help, and no, I don’t mean in a they’re coming to take me away ha ha kind of way.

His first podcast novel, 7th Son: Descent, is set to be released in pulp on October 27, 2009. I, for one, intend to buy that book, as it was the first podcast novel I ever started listening to, and owe it to the guy to help him out. I mean hey, if ‘Outcast’ ever gets published, I can trace that right back to him.

But now here’s the twist and the meaning of this post’s title: Warner Brothers currently holds the option rights to turn 7th Son into a movie. Yeah, folks…it’s THAT…DAMNED…GOOD.

I follow JC on Twitter, and caught him saying that if he does a well enough job on the sales of Descent, it might get the gears going at WB to begin the production process. In short, more book sales = chance at a movie from WB that you actually might want to see.

How can we help? Simple: We’re the left side of the equation. It’s up to us to create that spark that’ll get the big boss bunny’s attention. From podcast to blockbuster movie…shit, this is UNPRECEDENTED, folks. This is history in the making and we can be a part of it.

I’m not forcing this; Descent’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I understand that. However, I’m gonna cast one hell of a net here and snag as many of you as I can. I’ve seen you guys pull together for people in the past, and I think we have the ability to give JC a hand.

So, if I haven’t lost you yet, here’s what I’m asking:

1. Listen to this promo:

2. If you’re interested in it, go to and either subscribe to the podcast or DL the episodes individually.

3. Give yourself the first 5 episodes to see if the book tickles your fancy.

4. If your fancy’s sufficiently tickled, email JC at 7thsonnovel[at] and show him some love. Tell him Chris from Outcast sent you 😉

5. Re-post, link to, or re-tweet this journal entry to your followers to spread the diseas…er…message…yeah, that’s it…message 😛

6. On October 27 or any time thereafter, consider buying his book. Amazon’s listing it for $10.00 at the moment.

This is not for me. I’m making nothing off this except the satisfaction that I’m helping one of the podcasters who got me into this whole mess get some kind of reward for all his hard work. And hey, if it boosts my karma, then it’s a win-win.

Thanks for reading…