Hey all you ravenous outcasts out there!

Ok, so I really didn’t mean to leave all of you hanging this long.  No…honestly I didn’t.  I mean hey, this little book just got listed on Podiobooks.com as of February, so if you think there was pressure on me before to deliver…it just amplified.

That being said, February was a rather crappy month for me health and timing-wise.  Any time I had the opportunity to record the next chapter, I was either down with a stomach flu, or like now, I’m down with a wicked cold.  The end result is my voice is in no shape to record. 😦

On the up-side of this, I’ve been writing like crazy to try and get ahead on my recording | writing ratio, so I can finally get to that point where I’m not rushing each new chapter out in order to meet some kind of regular schedule.  That’s been the constant battle for me since I started this project, and it’s certainly taught me to FINISH THE BOOK BEFORE YOU PODCAST IT!

Anyway, the new episode will be out soon.  I haven’t forgotten about all of you, and I thank all of you faithful listeners, as well as you new podiobooks subscribers, for sticking by me and this book.  Your patience will be rewarded soon, I promise.

Now…where’s that cough syrup…