o here I am, working busily away on the next installment of ‘Outcast,’ namely the feedback show, whilst listening to the as-always-awesome podcast novel Morevi: Remastered by Tee Morris.

Anywho, while getting caught up on it, I stumbled across a couple of interesting links that came down in the feed…namely these:

icon for podpress

icon for podpress

Both of these fine books were inserted into the MOREVI feed as FULL NOVELS!  I mean holy crap!  Two books I’ve been itching to get into, and here they are for free.

It’s all part of an upcoming event, which if you’re reading this you probably already know about.  On August 8 of this year, Tee Morris and his partner in podcast crime, Phillipa Ballentyne, are both releasing their latest literary works.  They plan to do to Amazon’s ratings what Scott Sigler did with his novel, Ancestor.

Originally called ‘Billi’s Crazy 8’s,’ the event has now been changed to ‘Double Trouble,’ which promises to shake up the mainstream once again.  I wish them all the best, and hope to be in there like a dirty shirt with the best of them, adding my orders to all the others.