So, I’m feeling a little nostalgic today…probably because of a few things that have been happening to me as of late.

For one thing, I was contacted by a fellow podcaster, one Marcus Noble, and he wants to interview me for his show, the Skunk Smells Podcast. It’s a rant-styled show, and he’s been doing it for a couple of years now.  In truth, I’m honoured that he’d even consider me for an interview.

Anyway, I was driving to work this morning, thinking to myself how the interview will go and I thought about all the work I did on TheForce.Net, and the unfinished story that’s up there on the Fan Fiction boards.  The truth is, the end of that story is in my head…I just have to write it down and upload it…that is, if anyone was still watching it.

I dunno.  I mean I had some good times on those boards.  It was the first place anyone ever had a chance to see my writings, and I met some awesome people.  The trouble is, as other writers finished their works, they all faded away from the boards and getting new readers was kinda tough.  I mean, when you pick an insertion point to start writing, and the books have already eradicated your timeline, do the stories even make sense anymore?

Part of me wants to continue with the SW fanfics and eventually finish the series I’d planned out, but another part of me is saying it’s time to move on and concentrate on other things.  I’m really torn on this.

I think I’ll take a crack at it this weekend, and see if I can make any headway on the unfinished story.  Who knows?  It might help grease the wheels a bit on my current writing projects.  I dunno…we’ll see what happens.