Hey all.

As a lot of you might know, that multimedia giant we call Podshow has changed its name to Mevio.  Odd I had to hear this from one guy on Twitter, and from Adam during his latest Daily Source Code.  Meh; maybe I’ll get the email next week 😛

Now, while a lot of people are looking at this and merely thinking ‘Yeah…and?’  I thought it’d be prudent of me to make a few changes to my feed info over at Feedburner, which is the URL I pimp when I record.

Anyway, while I don’t foresee any major problems with Podshow’s re-branding WRT my feeds, I just thought I’d let all my Outcasts know what’s going on just in case the feed seems to hiccup.

Oh, and also, I’ve got something to show you:

The Cover of 'Outcast'

HUGE props to Jason Fredin, who I met on the Word Sushi forums and who offered to help with a cover for the book.  (Note to self: GIVE HIM CREDIT NEXT EPISODE!)  Thanks a bunch, Jason.