Back from Christmas vacation and FIRED UP as hell, and feeling especially good because Episode 7 is now live.  I think you’ll like this one; not to sound conceited or anything, but I think it’s one of my better-produced episodes.  This project’s as much a journey as it is a novel, so if the quality improves as the chapters progress, then I must be doing my job right.

In this Episode:

Still reeling from last night’s horrific ordeal, Dalan is paid a visit by someone who has an offer for him…one that could ultimately make him rise above his current state of exile and become something not seen on Bengalis in ages.

But to gain this, he has to mend a few fences…and along the way life takes yet another unexpected turn…

At the end of the episode I’ve got a couple of promos.  Please check out the shows and tell ’em I sent ya 😉

The Metamor City Podcast

Transistor Rodeo

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Episode 7