Hello. Greetings. Salutations. Bienvenue. Hola.

Ok, I think I’ve said it enough. Welcome to the official blog of my podcast novel ‘Outcast.’

Here’s where I plan to keep all you faithful followers of the story up to date on any goings-on, issues, and other news blurbs that may pop up in between episodes.

For those of you looking at this and going ‘What is this fool talking about?’ I’d like to spend some time here and give all of you a bit of a FAQ on ‘Outcast’ and how it came about. So…here we go…

What is ‘Outcast?’

‘Outcast’ is a podcast novel written and read by me, Chris.

What’s it about?

‘Outcast’ is the story of a young man who is disowned by his family for failing to protect something awarded to his father. Now separated from the only life he’s ever known, he has to try and find a way to survive in a world now seemingly bent on killing him.

Where does it take place?

The setting of ‘Outcast’ is the far future. By now, a good portion of the galaxy has been explored, and many worlds have come together under the flag of the Interstellar Confederation, or ‘IC.’ ‘Outcast’ takes place on a Confederation world called Bengalis by its inhabitants. It is the 7th planet in the Tigris star system.

So, the characters aren’t human?

Not exactly. The race on the planet, strangely enough, are known as Bengalans. Basically, they’re a type of anthropomorphic feline race. They’re bipedal, have plantigrade feet, and five-fingered hands with opposable thumbs. After that, though, the similarites end. They’re covered head to toe in fur, and their cranial structure is definitely feline.

Oooh, so they have tails?



Of course.

How did the story come about?

The idea for the main character, Dalan Kalamar, is actually a very old one. He was a character I’d made for a role-playing game back in University. He’s loosely based on the AD&D rakshasa, and over time he evolved in my head into the character he is now.

This story – the one of his exile – is a relatively new idea, though. My first few stories with Dalan were so gory even the great gore-master Scott Sigler would have found himself queezy. However, as he evolved and I spent more time with him, he became less of a blood-and-guts killer type of character, and more rounded. Sure, he can still be violent as hell, but he has more dimension now than before.

Wait a second…I think I’ve read this before, but it was a lot more…ahem…adult. WTF?

You’re right; this isn’t the first public incarnation of this story. ‘Outcast’ began as a bit raunchier tale called ‘Childhood’s End,’ parts of which have bee posted both on Yiffstar.Com and The Drunken Gungan websites. Admittedly, the versions there are slightly more adult in nature, but for ‘Outcast’ I wanted to focus on the story and not the sex…hence the PG-ification of the story.

Ok…I think for an opening post, this is pretty good. I’ll put in some summaries for the chapters that are already on the feed next, I think. Any questions, comments, or anything, just let me know.